Today 18th of Apr 2019

Sun and clouds: High pressure conditions, partly humid air in the lower atmosphere.

The weather

Sunny with mostly harmless cumulus clouds in the afternoon. Maximum values from 14° to 22°.

Mountain weather

Quite sunny weather on the mountains, possibility of local showers in the afternoon.

Tomorrow 19th of Apr 2019

Increasingly sunny: High pressure conditions.

The weather

Low stratus clouds will break up in the morning, the sunny weather in the whole region. Highest temperatures from 14° to 24°.

Mountain weather

In the morning low stratus clouds, then sunny with small cumulus clouds in the afternoon.

The next days

saturday 20
max: 25°
min: 1°
sunday 21
Partly cloudy
max: 25°
min: 1°
monday 22
max: 23°
min: 2°
tuesday 23
Cloudy, moderate rain
max: 17°
min: 3°